It’s all relative…

Family is a very complex topic, isn't it? And looking at mine, it doesn't get much more complex. I have technically have 4 levels of family: Full Blood - Me, my brother, Mam and Dad. Half Blood - Two half-sisters (two nephews from one of them) Step - 3 Step Sisters (two on one side,… Continue reading It’s all relative…


Your Authentic Self

I recently attended a networking meeting and the guest presentation was on being 'your authentic self' and not wearing a mask. You cannot be true to others until you are true to yourself. I totally understand the concept. But the true me is a mess. I would gladly accept death and be free of all… Continue reading Your Authentic Self

Mood swings

I don't know why, but when I start to get stressed and anxious, it comes out in anger. I start to argue with anyone and everyone. Get angry at inanimate objects, find fault with the most mundane of things and, worst of all, become forgetful - so going out to buy a simple list becomes… Continue reading Mood swings


I love this app. I recently went on a Mobile Photography course and was introduced to a number of post-shoot editing apps but this by far my fave. And I would like to share some of the photos I have edited using this app...

Joke #2

As a joke writer, you sometimes struggle to think of new material. One day I had writer's block and I thought "I should write a joke about writer's block" but as I started writing... it went.